Cody maintenance workers rotomilled a section of bumps from Wyoming 120 Monday, about 17 miles west of Cody. The section of roadway at milepost 117 is scheduled to be patched in September.

"We appreciate everyone's patience in this area, and for driving at reduced speeds. We have serious soil subgrade issues in this area which has led to large bumps, or heaves, in the pavement," said Wyoming Department of Transportation maintenance foreman Jim Berry of Cody.

A WYDOT construction project, tentatively planned in 2020-21, will deal with subgrade issues at milepost 117 and other areas of WY120 between mileposts 115.2 and 118.47, between 15 and 18.5 miles north of Cody. The project estimate for the roadway repairs is $4.23 million.

For information about WYDOT's work, contact WYDOT public relations specialist Cody Beers at (307) 431-1803.  

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