Deputy fire marshal shares fire prevention tips

The second week of October is Fire Prevention Week. The Billings Fire Department wants to encourage everyone to have a home fire escape plan. You can go here for help in developing an escape plan:

Billings Deputy Fire Marshal Tyrone Morgan said "Stop, Drop and Roll" is now "Stop, Drop, Cover your Face and Roll." According to the National Fire Safety Council, covering your face and eyes if your clothing catches fire can greatly reduce injuries.

Morgan also reminded everyone to change the batteries in their smoke detectors every six months and check them every month.

In the event of a fire, Morgan said we should know two ways out of every room. We should also have a meeting place outside of the home. 

Morgan said heaters are one of the five common causes of structure fires. He said to make sure they are at least three feet away from anything.

He also said, "If it's an electric, portable heater, we want you to plug that directly into your wall outlet- not into a surge protector, not into an extension cord." 

The Billings Fire Department has open houses this week at their fire stations.

The open houses are from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the days listed below. Large groups are encouraged to schedule a tour by calling 657-8423.

•          Monday, October 7th - STATION 2 - 501 South 28th Street

•          Tuesday, October 8th - STATION 4 - 475 6th Street West

•          Wednesday, October 9th - STATION 3 - 1928 17th Street West

•          Thursday, October 10th - STATION 5 - 605 South 24th Street West

•          Friday, October 11th - STATION 6 - 1601 St Andrews Drive

•          Tuesday October 15th - STATION 7 - 1501 54th Street West

•          Wednesday October 16th - STATION 1 - 2305 8th Ave North

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