Today people had the chance to get some dental work done for free- that's right, free!

Brewer Dental Center held their 14th annual Dentistry from the Heart event today. If you were willing to wait in line, you could get a free cleaning, extraction or filling.

Dentistry from the Heart kicked off at 6 am today, although some people were waiting since 5 am bundled up in sleeping bags.

In the past 13 years, Brewer Dental has donated almost a combined $1.4 million in free dental care to the Billings area since they began the event.

Dr. Ben Holloway says none of this could be possible without the help of their 90 staff members and 17 volunteers who donated their time today.

Dr. Ben Holloway, Owner Dentist at Brewer Dental said, "We know there's always that need and we get joy out of it. It's fun to actually come and people are excited to be here versus being not excited to be here. It's a joy for us and a big help for those individuals that need it."

Michelle Aho, a recipient of Dentistry from the Heart said, "I've just let my teeth go and let them go and I was told about this and they have just been wonderful. Just the niceness of the people and the helpfulness. And for me, I'm low income and having this available has just been great."

Michelle tells KULR-8 she got there at 5 am. When we spoke to her, she was waiting in line for her third appointment of the day.

She said until now she's always been afraid of dentists, but for free care, she gave it a shot.   

Approximately 250 people like Michelle received free care today at Brewer Dental Center.

Dr Holloway says it's special to have a chance to give back to the community and see how appreciative everyone is.

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