Billings Police say Slick Street Policy is in effect

Sergeant Lennick of the Billings Police said the Slick Street Policy is in effect for the morning of Tuesday, October 29. In the event of a crash, if the cars can be moved and there are no injuries, then Billings Police ask drivers to move to the side, exchange insurance and move on.

Sgt. Lennick said to plan on driving defensively. The roads are still slick. And, he said, to please plan extra time.

Lodge Grass School District will have a 10 am late start on Tuesday, October 29. 

St. Labre Catholic School in Ashland will have a two hour delayed start on October 29 as well. School will start at 10 am.

Billings Public Schools said, 

"In light of the icy roadways and with the predicted continued cold temperatures, I wanted to remind all of you of our cold weather procedures as bus routes may run a bit late tomorrow due to the slick roads.

Please do not leave students at bus stops and make sure students are dressed appropriately. We are entering the cold weather season and it's time for cold weather protocols; please be safe."

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