Billings Logan International Airport announces $55 million remodel

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Billings Logan International Airport is working to partner with new airlines and planning to remodel. 

According to Kevin Ploehn, Director of Aviation and Transit, the airport is planning to start its $55-million renovation in two weeks.

Airport administration also announced they are working on forming a partnership with Southwest Airlines.  Ploehn says parts of the facility – including the main concourse – will be completely redone.  The goal is to build everything in phases over the next three years to have minimal impact on travelers

"Obviously we have to stay open, so that's the tricky part," Ploehn says. "Passengers still have to be able to get on planes, and in the meantime we still have to build this monstrous building, about 67,000 square feet."

The meeting also addressed best safety practices. Assistant Director of Aviation and Transit Shane Ketterling says the airport has relatively new equipment for snow removal.

According to Ploehn, a record 900,000 passengers traveled through Billings Logan International Airport last year.

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