Apartments on the rise in Great Falls

Finding an apartment has been a struggle for many in the Great Falls area.

People are constantly posting to Facebook and other social media outlets, looking for vacancies anywhere they can find them.

However, finding a place is only part of the issue.

“I think its super expensive to live out on your own. To be able to afford any sort of decent place, you got to work yourself to death,” explains Andrew, a renter in the Great Falls area.  

However, this could soon be changing.

Great Falls is seeing a few more construction projects underway as new apartments begin to rise up.

Great Falls Development Authority addressed the lack of apartments 5 years ago and set a goal to build 500 new units.

Shortly after reaching their goal, they realized that 500 wasn’t enough and decided they needed to build an additional 500.

As a result, we now have the Rockcress Commons currently under construction, bringing an additional 124 apartments to Great Falls.

In addition to this, the Great Falls North project will kick off this spring, bringing 216 more apartments to the city.

With a stronger economy and growing city, higher wage jobs are becoming more readily available and as a result, will help to make living more affordable as well.

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