Ginny Meineke, of Browning is facing multiple charges after using her two children in an attempt to steal more than $800 in merchandise from the Walmart on Smelter Ave.

Meineke is charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, and theft.

Police say the children walked out of the store with the merchandise after purchasing some items at the self-checkout. When Meineke noticed they didn't get caught, she followed them after a short time and was apprehended by loss prevention.

The vehicle Meineke was driving was listed as an attempt to locate. The registered owner of the vehicle consented to a search of the vehicle.

Upon a search of the vehicle, police found merchandise from the other Walmart on the east end of town and they suspect the merchandise was also stolen.

They also found used and full syringes containing methamphetamine. The registered owner of the vehicle said the syringes were not his.

Court documents say Meineke's speech was lethargic and her eyes were not responding to changes in light.  A typical sign for someone exposed to a controlled substance.

Meineke's bond is requested at $5,000 respectfully.

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