Weather wreaks havoc on Hi-Line

File photo: Winter weather on the Hi-Line

Road conditions continue to be treacherous along the Hi-Line.  Wednesday, Montana Dept. of Transportation shut down multiple roads in and around Browning and Havre.

Viewers reported seeing up to 6-foot snow drifts and some people couldn't even get out of their front door.

Snow plows have been waiting for an opportunity to start clearing roads but Mother Nature is not letting up.

"We have sent crews from great falls and the Kalispell area to come over and assist with that clearing we also brought in additional equipment and hope to have it open soon," said Brandi Hamilton, spokesperson for MDT.

It's not just the snow that's the problem, "the biggest problem we are having up there is the wind they had 70 mph "winds yesterday blowing and drifting snow, poor visibility and it became unsafe for crews to continue to work." said Hamilton

One thing they've continued to stress is once a road is closed, it's closed.  Meaning do not drive around the barricades.

Hamilton says, "not only can you become ticketed on a road that's closed but it is incredibly dangerous we close the roads for a reason and that's to protect the traveling public."

You can find the latest road conditions from MDT here.

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