Tiger Creek Bridge in Sluice Boxes closed indefinitely

UPDATE (3/5/19): Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has applied for a Recreational Trails Grant in an effort to fund repairs.

The estimated cost of the project is between $12,000-$14,000. If the funding is secured, FWP is looking to start repairs in the fall after Labor Day.  

talking to a contractor earlier this year, you know he said he could probably do it in about 4-5 days," Colin Maas, the Sluice Boxes State Park Manager said. "That would include everything with preparations, set-up, getting into the site, getting project done and cleanup."

In the meantime, signs will remain at the entrance of the bridge warning hikers not to cross.


UPDATE (8/14/18): Montana State Park officials report that hikers have neglected to read the signs, stating to not walk on the bridge, and have crossed it anyway.

"Yeah we've had some reports and one of my rangers did witness a group of hikers that he saw earlier in the day at one location, and then he saw them at another location later in the afternoon," Colin Maas, the Sluice Boxes State Park Manager said. "He knew that obviously they had walked across the bridge."

Park officials say that if they notice a lot of people still crossing the bridge, they will take other measures to secure it.

The bridge will be examined again next week to see what, if anything can be done. Not only is a cost a main concern, but also transporting the necessary supplies to the location. 

According to Montana State Parks, the Tiger Creek Bridge at Sluice Boxes State Park is closed indefinitely. The Park is citing safety concerns as the reason for closure as the bridge, located 3 miles from the main parking area, has become unstable. Visitors in the area will be warned by closure signs on trailheads and the trestle. 

The closure will likely make through hiking of the park impossible. There are currently no plans to repair or replace the bridge any time soon due to funding and logistic difficulties, according to the park. 

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