UPDATE: Ravalli County says fake firefighter scam is incorrect

UPDATE: Additional information from Ravalli County Sheriff's Office says the reports about a fake firefighter scam were incorrect.

Katrina Johnson, marketplace manager for the Better Business Bureau, says they followed up on the reports.

She quotes the Ravalli Undersheriff Travis McElderry as saying, "It was a miscommunication. There are 30-35 Vivint Home Security employees in the Bitterroot Valley selling their home security systems door-to-door. This has been confirmed that it is not a scam."

Johnson says as she understands it, the door-to-door salesmen were trying to tell people that they "work with firefighters," not they that were dressed as firefighters: "Travis actually had these Vivint Home Security people visit his home last night so he asked to call their supervisor, (great move) and she told him that there are 30-35 Vivant employees in the area going door to door to sell their product. This has been confirmed that it is not a scam, just a miscommunication."

McElderry said earlier this week, "These are two males that are walking around…stating that they're affiliated with the Victor Fire Department and soliciting. We don't know if it's funds or if it's actually called security systems or fire systems."

Anyone with concerns about potential scams is encouraged to call the Better Business Bureau.

Story updated June 15 with new information indicating that the door-to-door solicitors in Ravalli County are not scammers, as was previously reported by authorities.

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