UPDATE: #PlaidShirtGuy from Trump rally steps forward

MISSOULA - A county commissioner says he's looking into charging the Matt Rosendale campaign for any costs to taxpayers incurred by President Trump's Thursday visit.

President Donald Trump is hosting a rally at the Missoula Airport on Thursday in support of Rosendale's campaign to unseat Democratic Sen. Jon Tester.

Commissioner Dave Strohmaier posted on social media Monday night, writing:

"I’ll be exploring the possibility of sending a bill/invoice to the Rosendale campaign for any services rendered at the expense of Missoula County taxpayers for this blatant campaign event. I might reconsider if POTUS actually conducted some real business on behalf of Missoula County while in town beyond staging a photo op for an aspiring Senate candidate."

Strohmaier, a Democrat, posted last week that he's not enthusiastic about the presidential visit:

"Well, it looks like POTUS is coming to Missoula. I’m not real thrilled about Missoula County tax dollars going toward what is essentially a partisan campaign trip. Perhaps, though, the president could sign a presidential disaster declaration for Missoula area spring flooding while he is here!"

We're reaching out to Strohmaier to learn more.

Trump's July rally in Great Falls cost local, county and state agencies $80,000, according to the Helena Independent Record. Trump's recent Billings rally cost local law enforcement nearly $60,000 in overtime and staffing expenses, according to the Billings Gazette. Police officers said they would attempt to be reimbursed by the Trump campaign for the costs, although it's unclear whether that's occurred. 

A MetraPark official told the Gazette that he estimated that Trump's rally brought in $225,000 in tourism revenue, although money spent at gas stations, hotels and restaurants does not directly offset the police department's personnel costs.

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