New injunction attempts to halt recall petition

UPDATE: Yesterday, Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta entered into a deferred prosecution agreement where he will resign his position as sheriff on or before June 1, 2018. 

The deferred prosecution documents say the State will file a motion to dismiss the charge of Official Misconduct and agree not to refile the charge if Suta agrees to resign from his position as Pondera County Sheriff and will not contest or appeal any action taken by Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training (POST) as a result of this case.

He must also obey all laws for the next 6 months or the agreement will be revoked.

Suta has also entered into a plea agreement for his Partner or Family Member Assault charge to which he will plead no contest. In return, the State will recommend to the Court he be sentenced to the following:

- The imposition of Suta's sentence be deferred for 6 months, except that he serves 24 hours in jail or three days of house arrest.

- He shall pay a fine of $1,000 plus the Court surcharges. he must pay for any and all restitution related to the cost of counseling for W.S. that have been incurred as a result of Suta's actions and for future counseling sessions.

- Suta shall also pay for and complete counseling assessment with a focus on violence, controlling behavior, dangerousness, and chemical dependency. He shall complete a minimum of 40 hours of counseling with a state-licensed counselor. 

- He shall resign from his position as Pondera County Sheriff on or before June 1, 2018.

- He shall not possess any firearms during the period of the deferred sentence. 

UPDATE: Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta's court date has been set for March 21st in Pondera County.

Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta had every intention of making a plea agreement in a Partner Family Member Assault case against him.

However, he has changed his mind and now wants a trial.

According to court documents Suta has reconsidered and will no longer plead "no contest" to the partner family member assault charges against him.  

He originally had a hearing scheduled for Friday, December 22nd. 

We reached out to both Sheriff Suta and the Attorney General's Office for comment. 

The Sheriff was unwilling to give a statement at this time. 

Eric Sell, Montana Department of Justice Communications Director, said if Suta wants to go to trial they will go forward with his request.  

The new date has not been set yet. 

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