Start Up Businesses Create High Paying Jobs In MT

State economists say entrepreneurship is creating more and more high-paying jobs in the Treasure state.

Missoula's MonTEC building, a business incubator managed by the University of Montana, is home to a handful of fast growing start up businesses including Mamalode, a company that publishes a magazine designed for mothers.

"It was very clear that there was a desire for moms to spend time together," said Mamalode COO, Dori Gilels.

Mamalode was created in 2009 out of an event thrown for mom's to spend time together the night before Mothers Day.

"Out of that grew the idea for a print magazines dedicated to first person authentic stories about motherhood," Gilels said.

The quarterly magazine started local, but now has subscribers in all 50 states and 10 different countries.

"Part of that came from distributing through the international airport, and a larger part came from our own readers here loving it so much and sharing it," Gilels said.

Patrick Barkey of UM's Bureau of Business and Economic Research said this type of growth by start ups is creating more high paying jobs in Montana.

"A business that can expand and export its product or services to bigger markets and has potential to grow, those are very important to the state economy, as well as the local economy here," Barkey said.

He said the newer businesses with an avenue for growth, or high-growth companies, are creating work for Montanans, because at start ups with no growth, employees often end up getting laid off.

"Start ups in all industries are a very big component of job growth, sadly they can also be a component of economic decline," Barkey said.

He said as more high-growing start ups are created around the state, it can only mean good news for the future of Montana's economy.

"Maybe 2% of all companies in the economy are high growth, and how many jobs do those companies create? They create more than a third of the jobs," he said.

For more information on Mamalode and the other businesses located at MonTEC, head to the center's website.


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