SPOKANE - The animal rescue group SCRAPS shared a heartbreaking story recently of a dog named Owin who suffered emotional and physical abuse, and they are currently looking for a rescue group who might have room for him.

SCRAPS says Owin came to them in a small black-wire crate with injuries all over his body. The post on Facebook said Owin had a pocket knife in the crate with him and photos show cuts on his side. 

Valley Veterinary Clinic and SCRAPS Hope Foundation took Owin in and got started on treating his physical wounds, however, SCRAPS says the emotional wounds are going to be more difficult to heal. 


"Owin remains terrified of people, and we certainly don't blame him," SCRAPS said in a Facebook post. "We just want so badly to be able to help him feel safe and let go of his fears. We named him 'Owin' because it stands for 'young and fearless fighter', and we hope we can help him grow into it."

SCRAPS looking for help in care of emotionally and physically abused dog named 'Owin'

SCRAPS is asking anyone affiliated with a rescue group who might have room for Owin during his long recovery to email them at SCRAPSRescue@spokanecounty.org

If you'd like to help pay for Owin's rehabilitation, you can donate HERE. 


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