Soldiers aiding Hurricane Florence relief

HELENA- Hurricane Florence is leaving homes under water, people without power, and some waiting to be rescued, and that's why our Montana Army National Guard is sending crews to help.

"Being able to help someone. I mean it's a good feeling actually getting out there and getting to do your job," said Shayde Crist, Crew Chief with Army National Guard.


19 soldiers left for Maryland early this morning, September 16th. Once they arrive on September 18th they'll be on call to get in their chopper and fly to wherever they're most needed.

"You know, you train up for it so long and it's a blast to do. We love doing it."

This isn't the first time the Montana National Guard has sent crews to help with natural disasters. They’ve gone to Haiti in 2010 rescuing people and then Washington in 2016 to drop buckets of water on the wildfires.

They'll be giving out food, water, and possibly rescuing people who are trapped. 

"We'll be looking at a lot of flooding and people stranded due to that flooding," said Luke Edit, Operations Officer with Army National Guard. 

Soldiers say this mission is about giving back to the country that supports them. They say they're unsure when they'll get back; it depends on how much work there is for them to do.

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