MISSOULA- Two teenagers are charged with felonies related to a shooting that injured two men at the South Avenue Market on March 6.

According to court documents, Brien and Munson were hanging out with two other friends in the early morning hours of March 6. The group was allegedly drinking and taking prescription drugs before deciding to leave campus. Friends told police that the quartet was walking around the neighborhood, attempting to break into cars and do "hood rat shit." One man left the group after a while, and later gave police his account of events.

Brien's roommate in the Miller Hall dorm told police that he was walking around with Munson and Brien most of the night. He says that he turned back toward campus when he realized Munson and Brien were heading to the gas station and possibly armed.

Around 3 a.m., surveillance footage captured footage of two suspects walking into the store. One carried a gun, and one carried pepper spray.

The store was empty except for a store clerk and a customer, who told police that he was friends with the clerk.

Court documents say Munson immediately shot at the customer twice while he huddled on the floor. Munson then allegedly shot at the clerk who was trying to hide behind the counter. Brien allegedly sprayed the can of mace. 

The two fled the scene. Brien's roommate, who was still walking back to campus, later told police that he heard a "pop" and saw Munson and Brien running past him.

Meanwhile back at the store, the clerk called 911. Officers responded and found the customer lying in the middle of the parking lot with gunshot wounds, and the store clerk alert, but with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Police observed blood and pepper spray on the floor of the gas station.

 The customer and store clerk were able to describe events to police, and the clerk has since been released from the hospital. The customer's status is currently unknown.

On March 7, Brien's roommate contacted detectives and told them that he knew who was involved in the shooting. Brien told police that he believed Munson used an antique revolver that he'd stolen out of a car on a different occasion.

Police located and arrested Brien and Munson. Brien told police that he hadn't wanted to kill anyone and didn't know Munson had a gun when they left campus that night.

Munson told detectives that he didn't own a gun, and didn't remember much of the night because he was "on Xanax."

Police say that security footage from Miller Hall and South Avenue Market supports the allegations.

Chase Munson, 18, is charged with two counts of attempted deliberate homicide. Ivory Brien, 19, is charged with accountability for attempted deliberate homicide. Their bonds are set at $1 million.

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