Senior Standout: Riley Dickinson, GFCC Football

It all started with the run game for the GFCC Mustangs this fall and their run game started with their workhorse, Riley Dickinson.

"You know that first play is probably gonna be a run but it doesn't matter. The other team can know it and they're still gonna get 5-10 yards first play and they just open up everything else for me, throwing the ball everything opens up with them, it all starts with them," said quarterback Noah Ambuehl

Although his 900 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns made it look like Dickinson had spent his football life in the backfield, the 2018 season was his first at running back.

With the help of his teammates and a powerful offensive line, Dickinson was able to accelerate through run lanes early and often his senior year showcasing the mustangs horse power.... 

"There's a simplicity to it. You show up, you lift weights, you do the work. You work year round. You do things like track, you're a multiple sport athlete. We held Riley to that standard and he adhered to that standard and that's what helped him I think become the player that he is today," said head coach Greg Horton.


So whats next for Dickinson? That is yet to be determined but like any great running back, he is able to see what lies ahead and his number one priority is this: 

"To have my college degree and that's kind of where I base everything off of because football is a great game and I owe a lot to it but what comes after football is more important than what I can do right now," Riley Dickinson said. 


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