Sen. Tester says Trump should visit veterans' clinic

BUTTE- U.S. Senator Jon Tester held a press conference at the Finlen Hotel Thursday afternoon.

Sen. Tester addressed the crowd to talk about his record of “fighting for Montana’s veterans.” Sen. Tester was joined on the stage by supporters and veterans from Butte.

A few veterans and Rep. Ryan Lynch spoke in favor of Sen. Tester’s record of supporting veterans.

Sen. Tester said he will continue to fight for veterans and VA Clinics in Montana, if he is reelected.

During the Q&A session, Sen. Tester was asked for his reaction to President Donald Trump’s third visit to Montana. “I always welcome the President to the great state of Montana and hopefully this time around, in Missoula there’s a veteran’s clinic-- It would be great if he had a chance to take a peek at that. It's literally a stone’s throw from the airport,” said Sen. Tester.

Sen. Tester was also asked if he felt the need to change his campaign tactics due to the continued support his opponent is receiving from the President Trump. “I think that’s a recipe for failure, we drew up a campaign plan 20 months ago. We have stuck to that plan,” said Sen. Tester.

Sen. Tester is running against State Auditor Matt Rosendale in the midterm election. President Trump was in Montana Thursday to show support for Rosendale. The election will be held November 6.

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