North Middle School Grizz Biz

GREAT FALLS- North Middle School tell us if and when their students speak up about being human trafficked, they have an action plan in place to help out your son or daughter. 

A counselor from North Middle School told KFBB they just educated their entire staff on human trafficking. Since students aren't going to necessarily come out and admit they're experiencing encounters of being or seeing trafficking, it lies in our educator's hands to pay close attention. If they suspect a student is being trafficked, they will never hesitate to ask them. 

 "We make sure that students understand that they are victims. They've done nothing wrong. It's not their fault because a lot of times they blame themselves, and so we have to reassure them they are the victims. As counselors, we're going to support them through that. We will get the police involved where they need to be involved, we will call DPHHS, get them involved so they can do their job,” said Lori Ostberg.

Ostberg said they also have a School Resource Officer inside the building who will get involved right away. North Middle School plans to take further steps on educating their parents about human trafficking by hosting a parent night on November 8th.

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