Robert Back v. Benefis Day Two

Opening arguments took place today for Robert Back v. Benefis. Many of the statements revolved around who is at fault for allowing Robert to play in that football game, which ultimately resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic.

This morning's theme was whether or not Belt High School's athletic trainer, Jessica Hansen, cleared Robert to play and if she is even qualified to make that decision.

Robert previously received instructions not to play football until further examination by a medical doctor. Both sides have different ideas about Hansen's role.

"September 12th, 2014 Benefis trainer Jessica Hansen cleared Robert to play in an e-mail," Plaintiff Attorney Steve Shapiro said.

"She didn't clear him to play in an e-mail," commented Benefis Attorney John Scully. "She didn't intend to clear him to play in the e-mail, she could not clear him to play in the e-mail."

They also discussed the involvement of Belt's football coach and heard from a medical expert, Doctor Robert Cantu, about concussions. 

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