The Office

Netflix appears to be at risk of losing the beloved NBC series "The Office."

According to the Wall Street Journal, with NBCUniversal set to launch a streaming service, internal discussions have begun regarding the removal of the show from Netflix after the contract ends in 2021.

NBCU owns the show, and licensed reruns of The Office to Netflix years ago.

The Office is Netflix's most-streamed program.

CNBC's Steve Kopack says non-original "library" shows account for 72 percent of the minutes people spend watching Netflix. NBCU, Disney and WarnerMedia account for 40 percent of that time.

Disney and WarnerMedia will also launch streaming services, which Kopack says could put Netflix at risk of losing more of its most-watched content.

Kopack added that while some programmers will allow Netflix to continue streaming their shows, it can come at a huge cost, possibly over $100 million or three times the original fee it was licensing the show for. Netflix typically decides on what shows to pay for on a case-by-case basis.

So with that being said, viewers will have to wait and see if Netflix does indeed have to pay up to keep The Office.

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