Polson residents angered by Trump vandalism

Images of the spray painted Republican headquarters in Polson have been circling social media. 

Since Saturday the vandalism has been removed.

Shane Scanlon, communication's director for Montana's Republican Party says, “It's a sad act. There’s no place for violence or vandalism regarding this election of President Trump. Let’s make America great again.”

Polson resident Josh Mayne said, "People shouldn't just deface stuff because of someone else's presidential election. You have to treat people with respect.  If Hillary got elected would you see the Trump supporters going out and saying 'F' Hillary and 'F' the Clintons?"

Mayne also says he wishes people would step up to the plate, and be mature when it comes to situations like these, “you know you have to take it like a man and a grown-up.”

Officer George Simpson says he's seen vandalism tied to the political tension across the country. As of right now they have no identified the vandals charged in this case. 

Those charged with vandalism can face up to a year in prison and face hundreds of dollars in fines.

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