Polson police hoax about Zika laced meth, nets positive results

The Polson Police Department is causing a stir on Facebook after warning meth users that their drug of choice could be contaminated with Zika. The Friday post states "If you have recently purchased meth from Montana, Washington, or Idaho it could be contaminated with the Zika virus."

Police asked methamphetamine users to bring their meth into the station for free testing. No one jumped at the offer, however the post has blown up for the Department resulting in some progress. 

Since February 10, the Polson PD Facebook page has gained 1,100 new followers, with the post itself being shared over 14,000 times. 

Corporal George Simpson says the real reason the department reached out to meth users is to open a dialog and refer them to appropriate agencies for treatment. 

So far, a half dozen people have called in and admitted to having an addiction. Police responded by directing them to various health and addiction services. 

For those still wondering: no, there isn't a Zika outbreak in meth. 

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