North Middle School Grizz Biz

Imagine getting a jump start on your career, while in middle school.

Students at North Middle School are running a lucrative business, getting an education, and finding out how constructive team work really is.

From coasters to cutting boards to wall plaques these students make it all. For nine years the torch of Grizz Biz has been passed  along. The eighth graders interview prospective employees for the year-round business. They handle all aspects of Grizz Biz, including hiring and firing, shipping and bookkeeping.

"We learn what kind of employees you want and what kind of business you're going to run. And we're learning you need to have separate jobs for each person or else you're not going to get the job done and all that," said Hatfield.

The students also earn a salary. How much they earn depends on how much they sell.  

The CEOs of the company are the shop teachers but they're completely hands off.

Grizz Biz does more than woodwork, in fact, each computer in the district is branded with GFPS by the students. 


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