Neighborhood employees react to Missoula shooting at South Avenue Market

Two suspects are still on the loose tonight after an early morning shooting at a Missoula gas station.

The shooting happened here at the South Avenue Market on the corner of South Avenue and South Higgins in Missoula.

Missoula police said that the two suspects, one of them with a gun went into the store and shot two people.

One of those victims was treated and released, while the other is still hospitalized.

Both suspects took off before cops got to the scene.

One suspect is described as taller than 6 feet, muscular, and was wearing a dark colored hoodie.

The second suspect, the one who had the gun, is described as being shorter, also wearing a dark hoodie.

Anyone with information about the suspects can call Missoula Police Detective Ben Slater at this number (406-552-6282).

Neighborhood employees said that this is a low crime area, so when they see something suspicious they will let each other know.

Employees in the three neighboring businesses, Subway, Dominoes, and Hoagieville said that these neighborhood businesses on the corner of Higgins and South Avenue have a very close relationship and are always talking.

An employee at Dominoes said that they may change their security because they are open throughout most of the night and do not want something like this to happen.

But people at Subway and Hoagieville are not too concerned because they close earlier in the evening.

"We take care of each other. We look out for each other. We always talk and have communication with people. And if anything happens and if were concerned about people we always go over and ask if everything is ok," said Ann Eileraas.

"We won't change anything. We will keep everything the same. We keep our back door locked so everything is normal for us," said Chris Goble.

The employees in this neighborhood are now more fearful for the safety of their friends in South Avenue Market.

But they said that they will be paying even closer attention than before to keep each other safe.

One of the victims from South Avenue Market, who couldn't go on camera, told me after he was released from the hospital he finished his shift.

He had large wounds on his shoulder but otherwise seemed to be in good condition.

Again, Missoula police need your help in this case so if you have any information please call Detective Ben Slater at (406-552-6282).

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