Mountain lion in Frenchtown caught on camera after eating pigs

The Frenchtown School District is warning families to keep a close eye on their kids after a mountain lion was spotted near schools and homes in the area.

The cat was first spotted in the Mill Creek, Frenchtown Cemetery area, about a mile and a half from Frenchtown Elementary.

Late Wednesday afternoon, parents received an alert about the potential danger.

When Frenchtown resident Tori Haffner got home from work Wednesday she went to her barn to check on her pigs and she found them dead.

After hearing reports earlier in the day of a mountain lion in the area, she wondered if the cat had been in her barn.

When she realized the pigs were buried she knew the cat would be back.

"They got killed by the mountain lion and they kind of buried it with the intent to come back and eat it. And that's when we set the camera up, assuming it was going to come back," said Tori Haffner.

In the photos the Haffners captured overnight, you can see the mountain lion standing over one of the pigs.

"I was kind of creeped out. It was a little spooky. I've never really seen them and now knowing that it is not too far from our house and our neighbors’ houses and the preschool that is in front of our house," said Haffner.

One parent at the preschool next door said that recess was cancelled Thursday as precaution. 

And the Frenchtown School District sent an alert to parents and warned bus drivers in the area.

A mountain lion so close to town certainly has residents like the Haffners on high alert.

"I would never expect a mountain lion to come down right on the interstate. We don't really live up in the mountains so it did surprise me that they came right to us," said Haffner.

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