Montana ski hill apologizes for 'body fat' ad

MISSOULA - Montana Snowbowl issued an apology for an ad that it says it didn't have a role in designing or approving.

The print ad reads "Dear extra body fat, you have two options: Make your way into my boobs or get the F-out."

Snowbowl management issued an apology on Facebook on Friday afternoon:

"Snowbowl would like to issue an apology for an ad that was recently created on our behalf and apparently distributed on flyers on the UM campus. When we received notice from Facebook users of its existence we had our ad agency remove them immediately. We did not nor would not approve an ad of that nature. We are in contact with the advertising agency and will work to have all ads using this crass content removed. Please feel free to address questions or concerns to us as we work through this unfortunate misunderstanding and misrepresentation of our ski area."

They went on to say that they didn't intend to approve this ad design for use, but didn't identify the ad agency responsible.

Several commenters said they were concerned with the body-shaming connotations of the advertisement, but they appreciated the apology.

Sarah Anne writes: "The ad is offensive and contrary to the vibe the community tries to create at the Bowl. It sends a terrible message to female athletes among other things... Without this apology, I was questioning whether or not I could invest in our hometown mountain."

Another local design agency even made a new body-positive version of the ad and posted it in the comments. Gecko Designs' ad reads " All Bodies Welcome: The only curves and bumps we care about are moguls."

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