The Winter Olympics begin today in South Korea, and while the world's top athletes are there to compete, there are also some incredible Olympians here in the Treasure State. 

"You have to move until you can't," said senior Olympian Peter Briant.

Throwing shot put isn't as easy as it used to be for 73-year-old Peter Briant.

"I started with the shot back in 1957 in the spring when I was a 7th grader," he said.

Roughly 50 years later, the Stockett resident is still throwing. He's also added weight throwing, hammer, discus, and javelin to his resume.

"It's helped me be fit, be active, and it's been rewarding when I've thrown well," he said.

According to the CDC, staying active can keep blood pressure levels in check, reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain healthy bones and joints. 

By staying active, Peter experiences those benefits first hand. He's also participated at a number of Senior Olympics during his lifetime. The games give people who are 50 and older a chance to compete. 

"I get a great physical sense of satisfaction by having done it," Peter added.

As Peter's gotten older, he's noticed people around his age are beginning to spend more time on the couch and less time being active. But he's not following suit.

"The goals that I've pursued nobody else is going to do them for me. So I gotta do it," he said.

Not only does Peter stay in shape when he throws, he's also found another benefit: camaraderie.

Peter's throwing coach, Alan Cress, who is also a Senior Olympics competitor throws to stay in shape, too. But his favorite part about going out and being active is making new friends along the way. 

"I went to a meet and had an 84-year-old lady come up to me and say 'son, I hear you're the one to talk to about throwing the discus far. So I was like 'yeah, let's go do it,'"Cress said.

Instead of relaxing, Peter and Alan use athletics to reach their goals, meet new people, and share experiences.


"It can help prolong life," Cress said.

The next Montana Senior Olympics is this summer in Polson. If you want to register as an athlete or help with the event,  go to

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