Money Back: 109-year-old takes full advantage of Montana Club birthday discount

If you've ever visited the Montana Club in Missoula to celebrate your birthday, you know the restaurant chain offers a generous discount. Turning 38? Take 38 percent off your meal.

One Western Montana woman has been taking full advantage of that discount every year since she turned 100.

"Once she turned 101 she informed me that I had to come in and pay her for her meal," said owner of the Montana Club, Nick Alonzo. 

Friday was no different for Helen Self. Surrounded by nearly two dozen family members and friends, she celebrated her 109th birthday.

Self was delivered by midwife in Hamilton in 1909. Self has always enjoyed living in Montana and especially enjoys spending time outdoors. She just recently went camping at Lake Como, one of her favorite spots, with her granddaughter Diane Gunter. 

Self lives with Gunter and up until 2 years ago has played a key role in helping Diane care for her children and foster children. Self said that's part of her secret to a long and happy life, "Well I just work hard all my life...and took care of grandkids and more kids."

Another secret? Never missing a chance to celebrate life. 

When it was time to pay the check Friday, Montana Club owner Nick Alonzo honored the special birthday discount. Self got 100 percent off of her meal and then Alonzo gave her the nine percent back in cash. 

She kissed him on the cheek when he returned the money. "Oh thanks darlin," she said.

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