Missoula locals protest in front of Senator Steve Daines' office

Protesters waved signs and shouted "No Cuts" and "Save Medicare" in front of Senator Steve Daines' Missoula Office.

Those who attended the rally stood and chanted about potential cuts to Medicaid.

The rally did feature personal testimonies from those who say they would lose the ability to live independently in the community without Medicaid supports, people who rely on Medicaid for life-saving medical treatment, and low income families who depend on Medicaid.

Protesters say they feel worried about possible changes to Medicaid under the trump administration's proposed budget plan.

Katie Waldman, Spokesperson for Senator Steve Daines said Dianes' number one priority is to represent all Montanans and Montana values in the senate.

Waldman continues to say he welcomes the opinions of everyone from the treasure state. 

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