Missoula County bills President Trump for cost of visit

Missoula County has released the cost of President Trump’s recent visit to the county, and one county commissioner isn’t happy about the numbers.

According to Missoula County documents, 37 Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies worked overtime during the presidential visit. The county says overtime expenses for the Sheriff’s office came out to $11,169.84.

The documents show that the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management employees worked $1,752.98 in overtime hours.

The total cost of the presidential visit for the county comes out to $12,922.82.

County commissioner David Strohmaier says the cost of the President Trump’s isn’t as high as the county feared, but they’re still deciding where to send the bill. He says the county is working to develop a plan to handle the cost of future high-profile political visits. 

“We need a policy in place that, regardless of political party, really outlines those instances in which we would seek reimbursement for expenses,” Strohmaier said.

The city of Missoula doesn’t have an exact cost of the visit, but said city employees put in about 79 hours of overtime work.

The Montana Highway Patrol main office said their cost estimates will be released by next week at the earliest.

UPDATE: Missoula County sent an invoice for $12,922.82 to the Trump for President campaign treasurer, noting that political visits are "becoming more common" and local taxpayers should be reimbursed for the costs.

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