Missoula County Animal Control rescues pig from hot car

As the temperatures rise, your pets may be in more danger than you realize.

Missoula County Animal Control staff said last week, just in one day, they received seven calls of animals being left behind in hot cars.

Missoula County Animal Control has responded to several calls of dogs being left in hot cars for hours.

They even got a call this month about a pig being left in a hot car too.

Sunny White with the Missoula County Animal Control said on average they respond to at least three to four hot pet calls a day.

Normally it's dogs, sometimes cats - but this month, one of those calls was for a pig.

The pig was left in a vehicle for a couple of hours.

"It was left in vehicle and it was extremely hot," White says. "The officer observed the pig acting funny. So he took it out of the vehicle and took him immediately to a vet. They administered first aid. It was touch and go, I know, there for a while. But the pig has recovered. It's being fostered right now."

Whether it's a pig, dog or really any animal you own, leaving them in the car on a hot day is risky.

White said even in 75 degree weather, the car inside can get up to 90 degrees within minutes.

With the 90 degree summer temperatures outside, the insides of vehicles can become an oven.

White responded to one call this year where a dog was inside a car with temperatures of 120 degrees.

"Without any water or any way of getting much ventilation," White said. The owners were charged with animal cruelty in that case. 

White said if you must leave your pet inside the car, leave water, a cooler of ice and keep the air conditioner running.

Also be mindful of how long you’re away from your pet.

The best solution is to leave your pet at home on hot days.

White added when reporting a hot pet in a car, watch for behavioral signs.

For example, if the pet is clearly not responsive and acting unusual, call animal control at 541-7387.

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