Missoula Costco planning expansion into Summit space nearby

MISSOULA - The North Reserve Street Costco plans to expand into the Summit Beverage location next door, but the project is currently delayed.

The city says Costco has made an agreement to acquire the current Summit space, and is waiting for Summit to find an new location and move elsewhere.

Mike Haynes, director of development services for the city of Missoula, says the plan has been in the works since last year.

Costco occupies a corner of North Reserve and England Boulevard, while Summit sits on England and Great Northern. He says Costco hopes to expand its existing store and demolish the Summit building to add more parking. The retail giant would expand its site from 14 acres to 18 acres.

Haynes says first, Summit Beverage needs a new location.

"Summit Beverage needs to move out, have that building available and then that building can be demolished in order for Costco to build that parking," Hayens says.

The project is straightforward from the city's perspective, as far as Costco's building and demolition permits go. 

"The time that is going to elapse is the time for Summit Beverage to construct a new building and move out to a new location," he says.

Haynes believes Summit is looking to build a new and larger facility elsewhere. 

Many Costco shoppers interviewed on Tuesday complaiend about how hard it is to find parking around the store. Others didn't seem to find the parking to be an issue.

"I have always found a spot after driving around for a bit," says Margie Dennison. But yeah, I always find a good spot."

Haynes says Costco hopes this project will help traffic flow and make it easier to find parking.

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