Missoula armed robbery suspect charged with attempted deliberate homicide

A man arrested for an armed robbery in Missoula is charged attempted deliberate homicide. 

Prosecutors also charged Stephen James Antill, 56, with robbery and criminal endangerment for the incident last Friday night. 

Court documents say Antill went into the Nickel Ante Casino on Sherwood Street around 8:30 p.m. wearing a black ski mask. He reportedly walked up to the cash register and pointed a handgun at the employee and demanded cash. Court documents say the employee put cash on the counter for Antill and Antill took the money and left the casino.

When he took off on foot a casino customer reportedly followed Antill. Prosecutors say Anthill turned around and fired multiple rounds at the customer. None of the shots hits the customer, but three rounds hit the casino. One of the shots broke a window in the casino and shards of glass reportedly hit another customer in the face. 

Police were able to apprehend Antill not far from the casino. Court documents say Antill admitted to firing the gun. 

In Missoula County Justice Court Monday, the judge set bail at $250,000 after prosecutors told the court Antill is a flight risk. Prosecutors say he had purchased ticket to Alaska.

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