Missing Montana cat turns up nearly 2 years later in Nevada

FALLON, Nev. - It's an amazing homecoming for Bobby the cat.

Bobby, a friendly tabby, went missing from his home in Great Falls more than a year and a half ago. In late September, an animal control officer picked up Bobby as a stray and was surprised when scanning his microchip revealed that he belonged to a Montana family, according to a release from the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

Bobby's owner, 73-year-old Kyle Preston, never gave up the search. His daughter, Erika, says he always set special food outside for Bobby in hopes of his return.

Thanks to a family friend, Bobby will be picked up at the Reno Tahoe International Airport and flown to Great Falls.

Press Release from SPCA of Northern Nevada:

Bobby the cat is a bit of a mystery. This friendly tabby was taken in by Fallon Animal Control on September 25th after being found stray. When Fallon Animal Control Officers scanned his microchip, they were shocked at what they found. This kitty came all the way from Great Falls, Montana. They contacted Bobby’s owners, who were incredibly happy that their long-lost kitty, was alive and well. Bobby had been missing from 73-year-old Kyle Preston and his wife’s home for more than a year and a half. “Of course we want him back!” They exclaimed as they were celebrating the news they had waited so long to hear.

Fallon Animal Control wasn’t able to hold Bobby in their facility much longer, so they contacted the SPCA of Northern Nevada to step in and help reunite Bobby with his loving family in Montana. The Preston’s couldn’t come get Bobby themselves, but they have a very kind friend who works for Delta Airlines, and she is going to be in Reno for a short layover tomorrow, Friday, October 5th, at 9 am, and will be picking up Bobby from the SPCA of NN at the Reno Tahoe International Airport to fly him back home to Montana! The SPCA of NN drove to Fallon today to pick Bobby up so we can take him to the airport in the morning.

Kyle’s daughter Erika helped Kyle look for Bobby the cat for the past year and a half. Erika says that neither she nor Kyle gave up on trying to find Bobby. “Bobby has a special diet so to keep him healthy, my dad Kyle would always buy him special cat food. Well, my dad never gave up on finding Bobby. He’s continued to this day to buy the special cat food and put it outside, hoping Bobby will come back on his own.” The long wait is almost over, and it’s a good thing that Kyle and Erika never gave up hope – because tomorrow Bobby will finally come home to the Prestons! 

Photo courtesy SPCA of Northern Nevada

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