Miss Indian World contestant

From Miss Montana, to rodeo queens, to Miss Universe beauty pageants are part today's society. For one local Blackfoot woman  running for Miss Indian World is a life long dream come true.

Alannah Tailfeathers is a member of the Blackfeet nation in Browning Montana .right now  she's preparing for the upcoming Miss Indian World pageant at the gathering of nations pow wow in Albuquerque New Mexico in just a few weeks. Right now shes the only contestant from the treasure state. She says by running she wants to inspire the youth to reach for the stars.

"I want those you girls who are you know from all ages to look up to someone such as my myself.I have what it takes. its empowering for a lot of women who are running for this title. for me its like a sisterhood," said Tailfeathers. 

Not only is she pursuing her dream but also she's in school with the goal of becoming a teacher. She says continuing to educate the next generation about who they are and where they come from as native people will help guide them to live in a positive way. She is raising funds for her trip to find out more information click here.

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