Meadowlark Elementary Off To Good Start

Bozeman Public Schools dedicated its newest school in a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon.    

Meadowlark Elementary is starting off to a great year.

School officials, business leaders, members of the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce and the community filled Meadowlark Elementary cafeteria this afternoon to watch as the ribbon for Bozeman's newest school was cut.

The elementary opened it's doors to kindergarten through third graders when school started August 28, with the north part of the school unfinished.

Construction was completed last month.

Principal Sharon Navas said today's ceremony celebrates that accomplishment.

"The ribbon cutting is a great celebration of completing the school and getting started on the right track," said Navas.

Meadowlark students feel the same way.

"It is a really good school and I really like my teacher too," said Stella, a second grader.

Navas said the school mirrors the community.

"It is really a reflection of the Bozeman community coming together to make this happen for our students," said Navas.

Bozeman Public Schools budgeted $19.4 million for construction of the city's newest elementary school, originally scheduled to open in august 2014.

It opened a year early, and under budget.

"We are so excited for things to have started on a terrific note," said Navas.

Meadowlark Elementary currently has 240 students.

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