Jourdain Klein is the highlight of the Ennis Mustangs basketball team. If we're talking about sports, she also runs track - but her heart belongs to volleyball.

"My mom told me a story about I'd go shag balls in the gym and I'd be like, 'Can I play?' and she'd be like, 'Not until the clock hits five,'" said senior, Jourdain Klein. "I'd sit in front of the clock and wait for it to hit five so I could pass the ball against the wall or set to myself."

Her mom remembers that so fondly because she's also the coach. Though they love to look back on their time together, the best memories are just starting as Jourdain recently signed to continue volleyball as a Montana State Bobcat.

"I had no idea I'd get to play at a school like Montana State. I mean I was hoping to play at a junior college when I was a freshman," said Klein. "To get that opportunity is so exciting and she's a big reason I chose Montana State because it's so close to her and then I have a little sister that's a freshman so I'll get to come see her play sports and it's just awesome."

But aside from her life on the court, Jourdain boasts a 3.95 GPA, is a member of National Honors Society, helps with FCCLA which is a volunteer-based community group, as well as being a role model in Big Brother Big Sisters - though her little one just moved away. 

"I had a really good relationship with her. I got to go play with her at recess on Friday's during lunch time so that was really fun," said Klein. "When I was younger I had a side kick and that's what made me want to do it. I loved it."

On top of that, there's one last thing that makes Jourdain, Jourdain.

"I'm in 4-H," she explained. "I've been doing that since I was eight."

Though she can't participate this year due to time constraints with MSU, Klein is eager to help in any way she can.

"I'm actually raising a heifer calf to donate to one of the younger kids in 4-H through my senior project," Klein said. 

The reason she does all of this is simply because of what Ennis has done for her.

"Volleyball last year we went to nationals and I was fundraising for that and people were like calling me and saying 'hey, I would love to donate,' Klein said. "They really support all the kids and I like to give back and be involved because I think that's really important."

She plans to study health and human performance while at MSU with hopes to someday be a physical therapist. 

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