Mattress Firm Student of the Week: Butte's Brittney Tierney

Butte High School Senior Brittney Tierney is a three-sport athlete and on track to be this year's valedictorian. Brittney even has straight A's in all her classes.

Currently, Tierney is in volleyball season and her coach Jeni Hope said Brittney puts in her all everyday. "She plays how she practices, and practices how she plays. She's intense 24/7," said Hope.

Hope is also a math teacher at Butte High and had Tierney in one of her classes. "She took finance from me, she's just a perfect individual to coach and teach and talk about, it's easy to talk about Brittney," said Hope.

Tierney plays sports and works hard in school, and on top of that she enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering. One of the programs Brittney volunteers for is Butte's backpack program. The initiative started in Missoula and volunteers leave snacks in locker for elementary school kids who may need a little extra food for the weekend. The backpack program has spread to all the elementary schools in Butte.

Brittney and her peers deliver backpacks of food to children at Emerson Elementary School.

"It's really gratifying to know that you can help a really young kid make their weekend a little better," said Brittney.

Brianna Barsness is the secretary at Emerson Elementary and use to coach Tierney in volleyball. "It's really nice for me to see these guys on a week day interacting with the kids they just do such a good job," said Barsness.

Brittney said she is considering attending Harvard University next year to study medicine.

"I just can't wait to see what she does in the world because she'll do great things," said Hope.

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