"Love Not Hate" gathering in Whitefish Saturday

People will gather Saturday in Whitefish to celebrate love, not hate, and stand in support of each other.

It’s called the "Love Not Hate" event.

Missoula Rises, a group that is committed to the protection of rights will help shuttle people to the Saturday event.   

Those with the city of Whitefish, The Montana Human Rights Network, and the Jewish community have said repeatedly they are discouraging counter-protests in response to a national group targeting Whitefish Jews. 

The goal of the event Saturday is to show love, compassion, and unity.

Those with the Montana Human Rights Network and Missoula Rises say they hope Missoulians will support what Whitefish wants.

"It's just a peaceful gathering. It's for all of Montana and Whitefish residents to show their support for Whitefish and show we reject this hate in our state," said Missoula Rises founder, Erin Erickson.

"Any plans that we do have are going to be really low-key and not to incite anymore excitement that's already been generated…A community that's being opressed...that's gotta be terrible. But to know that the whole state is with you if you need them, that’s powerful," said Community Organizer Adam Ehlers.

The event is Saturday at 10:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. at Depot Park in Whitefish.

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