Local men greet Trump with "FU 45" mowed into field

BELGRADE - As President Donald Trump descended into Belgrade on Saturday for his fourth rally in Montana this election season, he may have seen a not-so-welcoming salutation from a pair of local men.

Buddies Kevin Crawford of Bozeman and Curtis Roe of Belgrade were bonding over "a coupla beers" when they came up with the idea to welcome the 45th President to Montana in their own way. The two grabbed a tape measure, started Roe's John Deere, and carved the message "FU 45" into Roe's field.

Crawford says the letters are 60 feet high,150 feet wide, and "right under the landing approach" of Air Force One.

A friend of Curtis took the picture, Crawford posted it to his Facebook page, and within hours the photo - and the men's story - had gone viral and captured the attention of national news outlets.

Roe said he and his friend wanted to represent themselves somehow while the nation's focus fell on Belgrade for the president's visit.

In a phone call on Sunday, Roe told ABC Fox that he and Crawford wrote the message not so much to spite the president, but to send a message to the world. The message just so happened to land on a particularly strong sentiment directed at Trump.

"We really didn't expect it to go this route, it was just something we wanted to do to show that not everybody is - as Kurt said - a Trump sycophant," Roe explained.

Talking about the motive for the address, Roe said "it was to do something that we thought needed to be done. Because so much of NBC, ABC," Roe said, referring to the national news networks, "you know, all the networks are not doing their job and we just decided it was necessary to do ours."

Roe admitted that he had no idea this would become such a big deal.

"I'm almost tired of it by now, but it was kind of fun to piss off the people that needed to be pissed off. But I don't know, pissing them off doesn't do any good either."

This isn't the first time the president has faced strong messages during his visits to Montana. Last month, a rally in Missoula prompted locals to add a peach to the University of Montana's "M" on Mount Sentinel so that it said "M-peach." 

Another group of locals added letters to the large "L" on Mount Jumbo to spell out the word "LIAR." And the Western Montana Democratic Socialists of America appeared to be responsible for a series of messages written out in plastic sheeting. The North Hills bore the message "DUMP TRUMP DSA," though that message was taken down prior to Trump's arrival in the Garden City.

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