Lincoln reflects 22 years after "Unabomber" arrest

Looking back to the first week of April in 1996, when Montana was the focus of national headlines.

On this day 22 years ago, Ted Kaczynski was found in his cabin in Lincoln. The now-known Unabomber spent decades sending explosive packages through the mail, injuring 23 people and killing three. 

We spoke with some residents in Lincoln who knew Ted... they say at the time, they were shocked to find out he was the person responsible. 

But now, President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Laurie Richards, says she is fed up with being known as the place where the Unabomber lived. 

"We kinda want to forget about it, we want to move past this, we want to concentrate on the great things we have to offer, like our sculpture park, or our river park, or our great Fourth of July fireworks."

Movie productions, documentaries, and books continue to come out highlighting Lincoln as the home of the Unabomber. Of the most recent production, residents say they're just happy it's actually being shot in Lincoln to be as realistic as possible. 

Kaczynski now sits in a super maximum federal prison in Florence, Colorado. 

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