Law enforcement continue to search for Jermain Charlo

A Western Montana family is desperate and doing everything they can to find 23-year-old daughter Jermain Charlo.

A new billboard outside Missoula is the latest attempt to get answers. It's right off of Highway 93 South, about a half a mile from Interstate 90 and the Wye.

Charlo has been missing for nearly four months with little known about her location.

Charlo was last seen in Missoula late at night on Friday, June 15 and possibly into the early morning hours of June 16.

Witnesses said that she'd been out with friends in downtown Missoula.

Investigators believe she may have been kidnapped.

Charlo was active on social media, but after her disappearance, her online presence disappeared too.

Since then, not many answers as to what happened to Charlo but her friends and family aren't giving up.

"It’s been over four months now and it's just as hard today as the day we realized she was missing," said Danielle Matt, Charlo’s aunt.

But while they're determined to find her, Danielle Matt said her niece's disappearance has shaken their family to its core.

"Absolutely devastating, I don't know if words can explain how much we miss her," Matt says.

There have been several searches by law enforcement and other volunteer organizations to find Charlo.

Now Charlo's family is taking it one step further to make sure people to know who Charlo is, what she looks like, and that she is still missing. 

"Awareness that she is still not home with her family and that everyone continues to keep their eyes open," Matt said.

Missoula police are still searching too.

The lead detective on the case said multiple agencies have spent hundreds of hours searching for her and they're working several leads and have persons of interest.

Investigators said someone, somewhere knows something.

"Please don't stop looking. Please don't stop sharing her face. And thank you to everyone that has been stepping up to help us find her," Matt says.

If you have any information on this case, you can call Detective Guy Baker at 406-396-3217.

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