In-Depth: A look at Montana's most recent school shooting

With a Washington community still in shock following a shooting at Freeman High School near Spokane on Wednesday, ABC FOX Montana took an in-depth look at Montana's most recent school shooting.

It also rocked a tight-knit town.

It happened in 1994 on the playground of Butte's Margaret Leary Elementary School.

The shooter, 10-year-old Jason Osmanson. The victim, 11-year-old Jeremy Bullock, who was the nephew of Governor Steve Bullock.

Authorities had said that Osmanson was being teased because his parents had AIDs.

So he fired a pistol three times, hitting Bullock.

Bullock was not the intended target, but died three days later in the hospital after being shot in the head.

Up until 1999, Osmanson was considered the youngest school shooter in American history.

Tragically, that record was beaten a year later when a six-year-old boy shot a female classmate of the same age at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan.

For the latest developments on the shooting at Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, please click here.

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