Husband and wife traveling the country burying treasure

X marks the spot! One family is traveling the world in an RV and burying treasure for people to find. Their most recent stop? Bozeman, Montana.

“We built up this RV, we made it our home and now here we are, we love it. “

Bryce and Nellie Jurgy have been married for four years and spent most of their marriage documenting their ups and downs as vloggers on YouTube.

Recently, they decided to uproot their lives and hit the road. The goal: to bury treasure for people to find in all 50 states.

Nellie said Montana is their sixth stop. “So we have quite a ways to go, but it’s been good.”

The Jurgys hope to inspire people to get out and adventure more. They were inspired to take the leap when Nellie had a health scare just a year into their marriage.

“I thought I had breast cancer, and was waiting for the results," Nellie says. "It hit us hard. That was like - 'What we are doing with our lives? We need to live it to the fullest.'”

As for what's in the buried treasure containers? Nellie said they worked with sponsors to get prizes like certificates for vacations, hotels and gifts.

“We have big bottles and small bottles with a note inside them... to redeem your prize for whatever sponsor or brand we are working with," she says.

They're also making the trip with a 3-month-old baby.

Nellie said, “Honestly, she really likes it. She’s really observant. It’s so fun to watch her observe.”

As for their future, “We think it’s really important raising a girl showing her the world and different cultures. And not being glued to an iPad or a computer. We will probably do that until we feel we need to settle down and find a home.”

If you would like to follow the Jurgys on their journey you can do so by subscribing to their channel here, or following on social media @thejurgys.  

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