How To Stop A Bully educator shares tips with Missoula school

Bullying is a problem happening in many schools across Western Montana.

In light of October being National Bullying Prevention Month, C.S. Porter Middle School brought in an award-winning social skills educator to teach students how to tackle the nationwide issue. 

C.S. Porter, which teaches sixth through eight grade students, held a school-wide assembly on Oct. 11 with speaker Brooks Gibbs. He creates viral videos on dealing with bullies, some more than 2 million views. 

Gibbs says most youth bullying is name calling, social exclusion and spreading gossip, and it's rarely violent. He believes teaching kids to be emotionally strong is the best way to stop bullies. 

"The secret to getting mean people to leave you alone is to understand why they're being mean, and how to stop them. Once you understands these two things, you will systematically start to remove the mean people from your life legally without any violence," Gibbs announced in front of students and faculty. 

The main takeaway points on dealing with bullies, according to Gibbs, is to not get upset and to treat bullies like a friend. He believes that is the best way to prevent further bullying.

Watch Brooks video "How To Stop A Bully" below:

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