How does daylight savings time impact you?

GREAT FALLS- Since 2007, the United States Naval Observatory said daylight savings time happens every March and November, but the question is do you prefer to lose or gain an hour? 

Dating all the way back to Benjamin Franklin’s time, according to Live Science, daylight savings time was put in place to adjust your clocks so people could have more daylight and save energy on lighting. But let's fast forward to today and see if daylight savings time is still helping Americans.

For those of you who prefer to gain an extra hour of sleep, well you're in luck because tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. you'll be setting your clock back one hour to 1:00 a.m. Meaning it will get darker faster at night, and of course, a sign that winter is on its way. 

"It's nice to have an extra hour of sleep. We don't have to get up as early," said Tag Walker & Birney Grantz.

So how does this affect our productivity when the clock changes? Well, in a survey done by YouGov, 74 percent of Americans say their productivity actually decreases due to lack of daylight. 

"I kind of like the one in summer. I don't know, it's nice waking up because you know in the summer, you don't like wasting your time," said Tag Walker & Birney Grantz.

And what about the productivity of local businesses like Do Bar and the Celtic Cowboy who say daylight savings time in November isn't so bad when their workers get an extra hour of sleep and business doesn't seem to be effected either. 

"With us being more of a restaurant than a late night bar, our patrons are usually gone by about midnight, one o'clock,” said Angela Delange, the General Manager at the Celtic Cowboy. 

As for the Do Bar, they're actually open until 2 a.m. and won't close early so even if the clock changes. It won't be stopping those out at the bar.

Besides turning your clock back, as the days start to get shorter, YouGov said it's even more important to make sure receiving a balanced amount of daylight and darkness because, if you’re not, it will affect your sleep patterns.

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