Girls State underway

More than 100 young ladies from across the treasure state gathered in the Capital City to find out what makes government tick. Our bliss Zechman went to the 70th American Legion Auxiliary Girl State to see what they're learning.

All of the young women are here for a reason: to become future female leaders in their communities, in their state, and even in their nation.

"If I step up to a leadership role, then I find myself performing at a higher level. Because Im not only trying to inspire others, but Im also having to push myself to inspire them," said Claire Stevenson, a Girls State Governor hopeful.  

Stevenson hails form Hobson. She's hoping her time at Girls State will help levy her small town perspective as a farmer. Her goal is to work in politics, to change the way government influences agricultural production. Stevenson is hoping to be elected governor of this year's Girls State; however, she has some competition.  

 "I really wanted to take charge of governor, not only because its one of the highest ranks in Montana, but because also because I wanted to voice my opinion to make sure everyone else in Girls State was heard, said Kara Holmund, another Girls State Governor hopeful.

There are two more girls vying for the governor spot. Later this week, one of them will be sworn in at the Montana Supreme Court chambers in front of actual Supreme Court Justices. The governor along with her lieutenant governor will represent the Treasure State in Washington. There they will get to meet President Donald Trump as well as other elite members of Congress.

"Girls State is god and county and teaching Americanism and democracy and how to be an informed citizen and take part in this great country that we have," said Jennifer Dalrymple, Director of Girls State.

Although it seems like a black and white policy-based forum, Girls State is actually very colorful. The girls get to sing anthems for their respective "cities", perform in a talent show, and most importantly make life-long friends.

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