Friends remember Kila man killed in avalanche

Funds have begun tricking into a GoFundMe page to support the victim in Saturday’s deadly avalanche accident near Olney.

Friends are hoping to be able take some of the pressure off Geoffrey Caldbeck’s pregnant wife and allow her to focus on her two-year-old daughter and twin girls due in a few weeks.

Friends say they are numb and the accident still feels surreal.

“After going up there today and retrieving his sled the whole thing seems different,” said Aaron Teets, one of Caldbeck’s best friends.

Teets was with Caldbeck when he died and says it all happened too quickly to react.

"It happened so fast I had no idea it was an avalanche until the snow started to pile around me, pile up to my neck,” Teets said.

Teets and the third snowmobiler Casey Jump were able to dig him out after about 30 minutes and attempted CPR.

"We couldn't get any response we couldn't get a pulse. He had blue lips. we had him out and it didn't work,” Teets said.

Teets described it as a freak accident and says there's nothing he could have done differently.

 It was Geoffrey’s father Ron Caldbeck that first sparked Geoffrey’s passion in the sport.

 A sport he now sees differently.

"When it first happened, yes, I was like I'm going to get rid of everything and never come back and ride a snowmobile again,” Ron Caldbeck said.

But now, Ron says snowmobiling will be a way to keep his son's memory alive.

Especially for Geoffrey’s daughter Lux Anne and wife pregnant with twin girls.

"I’m going to have to talk myself back into doing that because I owe it to Geoffrey and I owe it to Lux "

You can support the family here:

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