Former Saints Athletic Director Bruce Parker Accepts Position at Rocky

After over a decade of molding the Carroll Saints, Bruce Parker is heading home.

"My wife, we both grew up in Billings and went to school, junior high, high school, college in Billings,” said Parker. “And we're very proud of the town and my wife's still got her parents in Billings and so we have a lot of ties to the city."

During his eleven years as the Saints' athletic director, Parker has seen Carroll become a national powerhouse, something that he hopes to do at Rocky.

"I want to make them what Carroll has done in the past,” said Parker. “I want to make them able to bring my knowledge of athletics and sports and collegiate student athletes to Rocky. They're very strong athletically. They won the Bandy award last year. So it's not like I have to go in and have a bunch of teams that aren't very good because that's not the case."

Parker's departure obviously means Carroll's search for a new athletic director has started, and there's quite a bit at stake with this job.

"For the next director of athletics we're looking for someone who would have a good strong leadership for the department,” said Carroll Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Hardwick, “somebody who would be a good fiscal manager, who could offer some mentoring to coaches as well as student athletes. And then I think one of the issues out there for us is looking at whether or not to go to NCAA Division II, so we'd want somebody who could lead that exploration for us."

Obviously a lot of moving parts right now for the Saints. Parker will be at Carroll the next few weeks to help them with the transition. Also I have been told that the search will include both in house as well as out of house candidates. We'll keep you posted.

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